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Beer Spoilage PCR Test Kit | Microbiologique

Beer Spoilage PCR Test Kit

Roka Bio Science

Roka pathogen detection assays

IEH N60 Plus | Microbiologique

IEH N60 Plus

The Air Sampler | Microbiologique

The Air Sampler

The Mega Sampler | Microbiologique

The Mega Sampler

Bio-Pump® Tripod Stand

Bio-Pump® Remote Extension Tube

Zefon A-6 Bioaerosol Impactor

Zefon A-6 Bioaerosol Impactor

Zefon Bio-Pump Plus

Zefon Bio-Pump Plus

Bio-Culture120V Pump and Calibrator Kit

Bio-Culture120V Pump and Calibrator Kit

Tryptic Soy Agar Plate

Tryptic Soy Agar Plate

Air-O-Cell Cassette

Air-O-Cell Cassette

Rotameter 0.2 - 4.0 LPM

Rotameter 0.2 - 4.0 LPM

Asbestos PCM Sampling Cassettes

Zefon PCM 25mm Air Sampling Cassettes

DNA Sequencing Service  - About DBLabsLV - DBLabs

DNA Sequencing Service


SiliaPlate Analytical TLC Plates, Glass Backed

SiliaSphere™- Spherical Silica Gel

SiliaFlash® Irregular Silica Gels, F60, 40-63 µm, 60 Å (R10030B)

Natural Alternatives International, Inc. - Manufacturing - NASDAQ:NAII, Contract Manufacturer of Customized Nutritional Supplements

Testing and Quality Assurance

MIDI Sherlock Chromatographic Analysis System - Shimadzu

Sherlock™ Chromatographic Analysis System