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Analytical Labs

BSCG Athlete Assurance Program - Supplement Testing

BSCG Athlete Assurance Program

Drinking Water Filters, Testing and Treatment - NSF International

Drinking Water Filters, Testing and Treatment

Quality - MeriCal


DM 852 Medical Precision Thermometer

Skin / Surface Probe

Ellab Temperature Indicator (ETI)

nVision Pressure Calibrator

Temperature instrument Calibration

EAS Services to the Veterinary Industry

EAS Pharmaceutical Industry Services

EAS Dietary Supplement Services

EAS Services for the Tobacco Industry

EAS Cannabis Industry Services

Chromatogram Immersion Device 3 | CAMAG

Chromatogram Immersion Device 3

TLC Plate Heater 3 | CAMAG

TLC Plate Heater 3


DBS-MS 500

TLC/HPTLC Pre-coated plates | CAMAG

TLC/HPTLC Pre-coated plates


Chromatography and Purification

Fluorescence | Agilent

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Gene Expression Microarray Platform | Agilent

Gene Expression Microarray Platform