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Analytical Labs

Seahorse XF Analyzers | Agilent

Seahorse XF Analyzers

MP-AES | Agilent


Gas Chromatography | Agilent

Gas Chromatography

:: MicroQualityLabs :: General Microbiology Testing

General Microbiology Testing

:: MicroQualityLabs :: Heavy Metal Testing

Heavy Metal Testing

LABGUARD® 3D | bioMérieux Industry website


Water testing: REBECCA™ CF Water - Water Analysis Culture Media | bioMérieux Industry website

Water testing: REBECCA™ CF Water

Surface Monitoring | bioMérieux Industry website

Surface Monitoring

Air sampler SAMPL'AIR™, microbial air monitoring | bioMérieux Industry website

SAMPL'AIR™, microbial air monitoring

Rapid microbiology method for detection of yeasts, molds in: yogurts, desserts, beverages, soups, etc


APS One | Automated Petri dish filling systems

APS One | Automated Petri dish filling systems

MASTERCLAVE® | Automated culture media preparation


Wizard2 2-Detector Gamma Counter, 550 samples | PerkinElmer

Wizard2 2-Detector Gamma Counter, 550 samples

High Content Screening Instruments & Microscopes | PerkinElmer

High Content Screening Instruments

Mass Spectrometry | PerkinElmer

Mass Spectrometry

Atomic Spectroscopy | PerkinElmer

Atomic Spectroscopy

Automated Liquid Handling Solutions | PerkinElmer

Automated Liquid Handling Solutions

Chromatography Instruments | PerkinElmer

Chromatography Instruments

GC Detectors | ICP-MS Dual-stage Detectors | PerkinElmer

ICP-MS Dual-stage Detectors

GeneQuence | Food Safety | Neogen