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Private Label

Contract Manufacturing & Private Labeling

Contract Manufacturing

Veggie Max: Functional Mocktail/Cocktail/Soup base mix for private label.

Custom Formulation: Veggie Max

Immuno Force blend for private label, tablet or capsule

Immuno Force

Flex-Able refreshing citrus based private label powder blend for bodies in motion


Women's Impact protein blend

Women's Impact


Pet/Veterinary Contract Manufacturing

O.T.C. (Over the Counter) Drugs

OTC & NBE Contract Manufacturing

Private Label Matcha

Organic Certified CBD Extracts

Custom Blend Matcha

Japanese Bulk Hojicha Green Tea Powder

Bulk Hojicha Green Tea Powder (Organic & Non-Organic)

Criticality CBD Private Label Manufacturing

Reliefzyme Powder

SiliCycle OEM Services

SiliCycle OEM Services

Private Label

Private Labeling and Packaging

Private Label - Robinson Pharma, Inc.

Private Label

Private Label

Bulk/Private Label | Mineral Resources International Inc.

Bulk/Private Label