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Digestive Health

Insta-Digest low glycemic, probiotic & enzyme instant pudding

Custom Formulation: Insta-Digest Pudding


Orgen-Cm® | Chromium




Japanese Bulk Hojicha Green Tea Powder

Bulk Hojicha Green Tea Powder (Organic & Non-Organic)

Artichoke, Bilear, Indena

Bilear® Artichoke

Boswellia, Casperome, Phytosome, Indena

Casperome® Boswellia Phytosome

Prodigest, Artichoke, Ginger, Indena


High Fiber Mixes


Crude Extracts

Distillate Extracts

White Labeled Tinctures

Bulk Hemp Flower

Reliefzyme Powder

Hemp Symmetry 10 mg Honey Sticks

Hemp Symmetry Full Spectrum 250/500 mg Natural

Hemp Symmetry 250/500 mg Natural

Hemp Symmetry 250/500 mg Peppermint

Hemp Symmetry 250/500 mg Orange