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DavosLife E3 Bio-Enhanced 20 Tocotrienols | KLK OLEO | Davos Life Science

DavosLife E3 Bio-Enhanced 20

PALMESTER MCT | Medium Chain Triglycerides | Caprylic Capric Triglyceride


White Labeled Tinctures

Hemp Symmetry Full Spectrum 250/500 mg Natural

Hemp Symmetry 250/500 mg Peppermint

Hemp Symmetry 250/500 mg Orange

Nutrafinish®, Sugar Film Coating System

Nutrafinish®, Titanium Dioxide Free Film Coating

Nutrafinish®, High Performance Coating

Opatint® Liquid Color Concentrate

Natural Chicken & Pork Aromas (Liquid)

Breadcrumbs (Cracker)

Vegetable Fats

Soy Proteins (Granulated)

Prebiotics & Enzymes (FOS, GOS, IMO, Bromelain)

Plant-Based Probiotics (Non-Spore Heat Resistant)

Probiotics - Single Strains & Custom Blends

Evolv™ - Algal DHA and EPA

SEBclausii™ contains Bacillus clausii a shelf-stable, spore-forming Bacillus


AlgaLove™ DHA + EPA