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Bakery Products

Applications - Cereal Ingredients, Inc.

Packaged Mixes

Applications - Cereal Ingredients, Inc.






Carob Powder

Mediteranean Carob power

NiuBlend Reb-A/Erythritol Blend - NiuSource

NiuBlend Reb-A/Erythritol Blend

Monk Fruit - NiuSource

Monk Fruit

Erythritol - NiuSource


Lodaat Botanical Extracts

Botanical Extracts

Dairy powders - Ingredia Dairy Experts

Dairy powders

High protein and fiber bran


Perfect flour for croissants, brioches and all baked good

Viennoiserie Flour

T65 flour for traditional french baguettes

T65 Flour

All purpose flour with high protein content

Soulanges Flour

Whole wheat flour for light colored bran

Silhouette Plus Flour

Ideal flour for hand kneading

Signature Flour

Low gluten flour for pastries

Pastry Flour

Flour milled in north america for french baguettes

Paris d'Or Flour