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Food Grade Applications Using Waxes by Koster Keunen

Food Grade Applications

Organic Emulsifying Wax | Koster Keunen

Organic Emulsifying Wax

Custom Wax Blends of Natural and Petroleum Waxes from Koster Keunen

Custom Wax Blends

Beeswax candle

Yellow beeswax slabs

Yellow beeswax pellets

C.E. Roeper - supplier of natural raw materials since 1891.


Organic and Organic Compliant Ingredients

Propolis Extract Powder

Propolis Extract Powder

Pollen Powder

Pollen Powder

Beeswax White Cake — SDM Nutraceuticals

Beeswax White Cake

Propolis Granules — SDM Nutraceuticals

Propolis Granules

Beeswax, N.F. Yellow

Beeswax, N.F. White

Crude beeswax

White Beeswax Refined

White Beeswax Refined