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Packaging Materials

Cosmetic jar 120ml 66/400 white flint "Crystal"

Dropper bottle 100ml GL18 glass amber

Jaycap bottle 125ml 38GCA glass amber

Alpha sirop 100ml 28ROPP PET amber

Round bottle 1000ml DIN28 HDPE

Hexagonal jar 055ml 43TO glass white flint

Deep twist off jar 212ml 70DTO glass white flint

Jar 100ml 53/R3 glass amber

Boca jar 125ml 66TO glass white flint

Beer bottle 330ml crown glass amber

Ampha jar 285ml 58TO glass white flint

Aluminium Foils | ACG

Aluminium Foils

PVC films | ACG

PVC films

Anticounterfeit Packaging solutions | ACG

Anticounterfeit Packaging solutions

High Barrier Films | ACG

High Barrier Films

Any Kind of Label You Need

Any Kind of Label Imaginable

Custom Vitamin Bottle Labels

Custom Vitamin Bottle Labels

Custom Health & Beauty Labels

Custom Health and Beauty Labels

Custom Coupons

Custom Coupons of All Kinds

Extended Content Peel / Resealable Labels

Custom Extended Content Peel / Resealable Labels