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toll blending in a GMP /NSF facility, organic, kosher, certifications

Toll Blending

Custom Formulation: Oat Bliss


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Quality Assurance and Control

Custom Blending

Quality Assurance

Product Development

Farm Stand Fusion Formulation, vegan, antioxidant rich, phytonutrient dense, available all organic,

Farm Stand Fusion

Regulatory Compliance

NDI- New Dietary Ingredients

GRAS - Generally Recognized As Safe

Olive Tree Extracts

O.T.C. (Over the Counter) Drugs

OTC & NBE Contract Manufacturing



Reliefzyme Powder

Chinagate -- FSMP(Food for Special Medical Purposes) -- application procedure

Chinagate -- novel food and food additive-- application procedure

Chinagate -- Health Food -- application procedure