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Service Providers

Education and Training | Merieux Nutrisciences US

Education and Training

Environmental Monitoring Program | Merieux Nutrisciences US

Environmental Monitoring Program

Pet Food Testing | Merieux Nutrisciences US

Pet Food Testing

Labeling Compliance & Nutrition Services | Merieux Nutrisciences US

Labeling Compliance & Nutrition Services

Sensory and Consumer Research | Merieux Nutrisciences US

Sensory and Consumer Research

Lyxia » Our Technology

Our Technology

Custom Molding | Custom Molding | C.A.P.S Inc.

Custom Molding

Stone Mill Carver - AOI Tea Company

Stone Mill Carver

Matcha Sommeliers - AOI Tea Company

Matcha Sommeliers

Matcha Quality Control - AOI Tea Company

Matcha Quality Control

Matcha Sourcing - AOI Tea Company

Matcha Sourcing

Graphic Design | Services | Airlite Plastics - Since 1946

Graphic Design Services

Custom Formulation – ADH Health Products, Inc.

Custom Formulation

Pharmaceutical Research - Viridis is the leader in Pharma Research in India

Pharmaceutical Research

Research & Development – Umalaxmi

Research & Development

Production Facility – Umalaxmi

Production Facility

Quality Control – Umalaxmi

Quality Control

Techno Food Ingredients Co., Ltd

Quality Management System

Techno Food Ingredients Co., Ltd

Research & Development

Research and Development - Taiyo International

Research and Development