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A. T. P. CO., LTD.


A.T.P. Co., Ltd. started in 1973 as a food and ingredients trader, and has evolved into an ISO 22000, HALAL, and U.S. NSF-certified GMP manufacturer with established finished products and OEM/ODM services for foreign export.

A.T.P. offers trunkey solutions for private label ready-to-drink supplements.  With peptides as the main active ingredient, beauty, anti-aging, inflamation support, blood sugar support products can be proposed per request. Peptides from mushrooms and fermentation, Taiwanese herbal blends, and Edamame (soybean) powder for various health benefits can also be supplied right away. Come visit our booth in #4872.

ChrysanthEyeTM, a novel ingredient awarded from Invention of Geneva 2019, is extracted from organic farming of chrysanthemum through our own latest technology. It is a savior to relieve your dry eyes from the inside-out, like a good rain after a long drought in your eyes. Thus, it could significantly enhance eyes moisture and comfort.

- Skin care / Beauty management


- Energy boost / Men power

- Eye health / Probiotics / Joint health / Vessel health                    




  • enge
  • KleanZyme
  • Lacfina


  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)

Reliefzyme Powder

ChrysantheEyeTM Drink

Beauty Sleep