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Aceto U.S. LLC

United States

Aceto US LLC., is a global, premier distributor of ingredients used in the nutritional, food and beverage and cosmetic industries. This includes amino acids, vitamins, supplements, minerals and other specialty ingredients. We offer more than 70 years of experience and expertise along with our commitment to quality and regulatory support.


Aceto has developed global strategic relationships with manufacturers. This allows our customers to procure a wide variety of products necessary for their diverse and complex applications. Aceto’s global operations, including a significant staff in China and India, are distinctive in the industry and enable our worldwide sourcing and regulatory capabilities. With sales offices in the US, Europe and Asia, Aceto’s global network provides our customers with the technical support needed to offer the highest quality ingredients.


Aceto is owned by New Mountain Capital, a New York based investment firm that emphasizes business building and growth. The firm currently manages private equity, public equity, and credit funds with over $20 billion in assets under management. New Mountain Capital invested in Aceto as a high-quality growth leader in the industry.  


Our top products include









Glutathione, Standard and HD

Calcium Citrate, Powder and Granular

Ginseng Extracts


Specialized Granular Products

Pancreatin 4X, 8X, 10X, Powder and Granular

ProGo (Marine based protein)

Resveratrol Powder and Granular, 50%, 98%

Ox Bile

Grape Extracts

Caffeine, Natural

Tocotrienols, Powder and Oil


  • Drug Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT)
  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
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Amino Benzoic Acid

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N- Acetyl -D- Glucosamine

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Adrenal Powder

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N- Acetyl -L- Cysteine

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Acetlescence Silver White

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Acai Powder Extract

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