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ADM/Matsutani LLC

United States

ADM/Matsutani LLC will showcase Fibersol®, a premier line of soluble prebiotic dietary fiber ingredients, at SSW booth #3265. Fibersol is included in the FDA’s dietary fiber definition and can fulfill consumer desires for tasty, fiber-full foods and beverages that are well tolerated and have proven satiety benefits. Fibersol contains 90 percent dietary fiber and has a low calorie content, with each gram providing only 0.02 grams of sugar and 1.6 Kcal., offering solutions for significant sugar reduction. Fibersol’s functional benefits can enable a variety of label claims, including sugar and calorie reduction, digestive health or weight management.

Fibersol allows developers to improve the nutritional profile and increase the fiber content of virtually any food or beverage products without compromising the taste, quality or enjoyment for consumers.

Fibersol meets formulation challenges with these uniquely favorable aspects:

  • Taste–masks bitterness, no flavor of its own
  • Texture–minimal viscosity, no texture/mouthfeel changes
  • Tolerance–well-tolerated, helps maintain intestinal regularity with minimal gastric discomfort

Minimal formulation and process adjustments are required as Fibersol is heat-, acid-, shear- and freeze/thaw-stable and maintains its fiber content under those conditions, thus allowing for ultimate formulation and food processing versatility. Fibersol is consistently high-quality, with industry-leading 90% purity, allowing manufacturers to use less and realize cost savings, while still getting fiber benefits.

Fibersol is highly soluble, sugar-like in functionality, low in viscosity, bland in flavor and stable in a variety of conditions. Fibersol can also be used to achieve nutrient content declarations and to replace mouthfeel and viscosity in products featuring reduced sugars, fats or oils while adding fewer calories. Using Fibersol can be an easy way to incorporate additional fiber and improve nutritional profile without impacting taste, texture or color. It is often used with other fibers, including whole grains or brans, to bump up fiber content and meet label claims.

Fibersol is a digestion resistant maltodextrin and can be labeled as “soluble corn fiber,” “soluble vegetable fiber (corn),” “digestion resistant maltodextrin,” “resistant maltodextrin” or “maltodextrin.”

Fibersol is available in a variety of formats to meet the needs of a wide range of applications, including: dry, liquid, an agglomerated powder and non-GMO. Additionally, because Fibersol is low in viscosity, clear in solution, highly soluble and adds no flavor of its own, it can be used in a wide range of foods and beverages without impacting taste or texture.

Over 20 years of clinical research and almost 100 published studies contributed to demonstrating Fibersol’s physiological benefits. These studies outline how Fibersol helps maintain intestinal regularity, attenuate post-meal blood glucose levels, and retain healthy post-meal serum triglycerides. Recent studies have also shown Fibersol to be a prebiotic fiber that provides an increased feeling of satiety. In addition, many studies have confirmed that Fibersol is well tolerated, even when tested at a consumption rate as high as 68 grams per day. 

The joint venture between Archer Daniels Midland Company, Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and Matsutani America, Inc., which officially formed May 1, 2006, supports the worldwide sales and marketing of Fibersol, a full line of soluble dietary fiber food ingredients used in a variety of food and beverage applications as well as in dietary supplements. This unique collaboration results in an integrated, competitive food ingredient company whose core strength is working as a development partner with innovative food manufacturers.

Invented by Japan’s Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Fibersol®-2 soluble dietary fiber has been primarily produced at ADM’s Clinton, Iowa, facility since 1999. Additional products including Fibersol®-2AG, Fibersol®-LQ, Fibersol®-2L, Fibersol®-DLQ and Non-GMO Fibersol have since been added to the product line.

The joint venture is a global selling and marketing partnership that combines strong technical and scientific expertise with a vast global production and transportation network, resulting in a quality food ingredient backed by attentive, reliable service and supply.


  • Fibersol-2
  • Fibersol-2AG
  • Fibersol-LQ
  • Fibersol-2L
  • Fibersol-DLQ


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