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Agrocomplex z.o.o.


Agrocomplex is a manufacturer of quality milk protein ingredients located in Poland. Our product line consists of sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, combination caseinates, rennet casein, MPC, MPI and blends, and acid casein, as well as other dairy ingredients from Poland/Europe made from 100% cow milk raw materials.

Casein manufacturer, casein price, sodium caseinate

Quality Assurance

Casein manufacturer, casein price, sodium caseinate


Caseinate, acid casein, whey concentrate, whey protein manufacturers, calcium caseinate

Application - Food

Custom formulas - Agrocomplex

Custom formulas

Lactose - Agrocomplex


Milk powders - Agrocomplex

Milk powders

Caseine - Agrocomplex


Whey powders - Agrocomplex

Whey powders

Caseinates - Agrocomplex