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Algatech is a world leader in the research, cultivation and commercialisation of microalgae, one of the earliest life forms and a proven source of crucial nutrients. Based at Kibbutz Ketura in southern Israel, the Company’s mission is to unlock the immense health benefits of these vital plants through meticulous R&D and cutting-edge technology. Algatech has complete oversight and control of its value and supply chains – from research, science, IP and cultivation to product development, testing and marketing – and can deliver tailored end-to-end solutions to meet its customers’ needs. The company currently exports its products to leading brands in more than 35 countries worldwide across the nutrition, cosmetics, food and beverages industries.


Since its inception in 1998, Algatech has collated a team of 70 global experts and pioneers in biology, engineering, science, production and technology, all passionate and committed to breaking new ground in the development and productization of microalgae. From its state-of-the-art eco-friendly facility in Israel’s Arava Desert, the team has developed techniques to cultivate algae in over 600km of greenhouse-like glass tubes, a process operated entirely on renewable energy. The location’s harsh and stable climate, high year-round light intensity and clean, unpolluted air are critical to successful and sustainable algae production. The process is designed to mimic nature’s processes using solar energy and recycled wastewater, with the only waste produced being oxygen.


The near million different species of algae have the potential to be hugely valuable sources of ingredients, including proteins, omegas, vitamins, carotenoids and polysaccharides


  • AstaPure
  • AstaPure® 3%, whole algae powder, natural astaxanthin
  • AstaPure® 5%, 10% and 20% Oleoresin, natural astaxanthin
  • AstaPure® 2% vegetarian beadlets, natural astaxanthin
  • AstaPure® 2.5% natural astaxanthin beadlets
  • AstaPure® 2% Novasol emulsion
  • AstaPure® 4 mg natural astaxanthin soft gel capsules
  • AstaPure® 12 mg natural astaxanthin soft gel capsules
  • AstaPure® 4 mg natural astaxanthin soft gel capsules
  • FucoVital™ 3%, 0.8% Oleoresin
  • AstaPure® 2% astaxanthin CWS
  • AstaPure® ARAVA whole algae tablets


  • Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)