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American Process Systems - Eirich Machines

United States

EIRICH Machines designs, manufactures & supplies individual mixers, dryers & reactors to complete turn-key plants for the processing of raw materials, compounds, waste & residues in a wide range of industries. The EIRICH product line for mixing, agglomerating, pelletizing, grinding, granulating & plasticizing, ranging from 1 to 12,000 liters can also be equipped with vacuum. The results of this process technology are synonymous worldwide for some outstanding achievements in the solution of problems in diverse applications.

In addition, our American Process Systems product line of sanitary equipment for mixing, drying, reacting and material processing includes; Ribbon Blenders, PlowBlend™ Plow Blenders, OptimaBlend™ Fluidizing Blenders, OptimaIIBlend™ Fluidized Zone Mixers, Paddle Ribbon Blenders, Paddle Blenders, Bag Dump Workstations, High Speed Finishers and USDA design and ASME certified pressure vessels.

A full line of test equipment allows for pre-sale testing in our lab or the customer’s own plant.

Visit booth 1274 to see how you can MIX FASTER, BETTER, SMARTER in 30 seconds GUARANTEED! With OptimaBlend™ & OptimaIIBlend™, achieve better results than any Ribbon, Paddle, Tumble, Cone, IBC or V-Blender!


  • OptimaBlend(tm)
  • OptimaIIBlend(tm)
  • PlowBlend(tm)


  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
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