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Applied Food Sciences Inc. (AFS)

Austin, TX 78745
United States

“Solutions for creating the healthiest organic beverages imaginable.”

About AFS

Austin Texas-based, Applied Food Sciences, Inc. (AFS) is an international ingredient supplier that provides solutions to the industry for creating the healthiest organic products imaginable in beverage, food and nutritional supplements. With their newly opened innovation center at the University of Iowa’s? Bio-Ventures Center, AFS develops ?novel ?natural and organic ingredients that are highly ?scientifically qualified, ?water soluble, sustainably and ethically sourced, Non-GMO and GRAS.

AFS’ Portfolio:

“Healthy energy”  — Organic caffeine and other novel extracts standardized for caffeine + antioxidants.

“Flavors without limitation” — Organic extracts that are highly water soluble and clear in solution.

“Relaxation you can feel” — Extracts from only noble kava cultivars are used to support healthy sleep and stress relief.

“Cellular Detoxification” — Help remove harmful pollutants from the body with a complete liver health ingredient that also enhances the functional benefits of other ingredients.


  • PurCaf® Organic Caffeine
  • PurTea™ Organic Green Tea Extract
  • PurGinger™ Organic Ginger Extract
  • PurCL™ Organic Turmeric Extract
  • Pur-C™ Organic Vitamin C Extract
  • AMATEA™ Guayusa Tea Extract
  • GCA® Green Coffee Bean Extract (50%)
  • JAVA.g™ Green Coffee Bean Extract (40% / 40%)
  • KAVOA™ Kava Root Extract
  • Preventium™ Potassium Hydrogen-Glucarate
  • PurTea™ Organic Green Tea Extract
  • GCA® Green Coffee Bean Extract
PurCaf� Organic Caffeine|PurTea� Organic Green Tea Extract|PurGinger� Organic Ginger Extract|PurCL� Organic Turmeric Extract|Pur-C� Organic Vitamin C Extract|AMATEA� Guayusa Tea Extract|GCA� Green Coffee Bean Extract (50%)|JAVA.g� Green Coffee Bean Extract (40% / 40%)|KAVOA� Kava Root Extract|Preventium� Potassium Hydrogen-Glucarate|PurTea� Organic Green Tea Extract|GCA� Green Coffee Bean Extract


  • American Botanical Council (ABC)
  • American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)
  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
  • Organic Trade Association (OTA)
  • United Natural Products Association (UNPA)


Process for the production of an enriched natural antioxidant mixture from a single source plant
A process for extracting antioxidants from a plant, including contacting a plant material from a guayusa plant for a first time with a solvent, thereby obtaining a first slurry, filtering said first slurry, thereby obtaining a first extract, contacting said plant material for a second time with said solvent, thereby obtaining a second slurry, filtering said second slurry, thereby obtaining a second extract, combining said first extract and said second extract, thereby generating an third extract containing at least antioxidants, xanthines, and amino acids, and substantially drying said third extract.
Patent Number: 9345707 | Patent Date: 05/24/2016
Therapeutic agent for the use in reducing alcohol intoxication and reducing or eliminating the negative side effects associated with alcohol ingestion
A therapeutic method and associated compound for ameliorating alcohol intoxication and preventing and/or reducing hangover symptoms. Glucaric acid, any salt thereof, and/or any derivative or metabolized form thereof is provided in therapeutic dosage, before and/or after the intake of alcohol.
Patent Number: 7,662,863 | Patent Date: 02/16/2010
Method for enhancing post-processing content of beneficial compounds in beverages
A process for enhancing polyphenolics content of beverages brewed from polyphenolic containing, processed beverage substrate by pre-soaking substrate (coffee beans, for example) before roasting and then quenching the substrate after processing with the liquid in which the substrate was first “pre-soaked.” Beverages produced from the treated substrate exhibit substantially increased polyphenolics content, when compared to conventionally processed beverage substrate of the same nature and processing.
Patent Number: US7713566 | Patent Date: 05/11/2010
Extraction method for use in extracting beneficial compounds from coffee beans
An improved method for producing a coffee bean extract containing beneficial compounds.
Patent Number: 20040253356 | Patent Date: 12/16/2004


Organic Caffeine
PurCaf® Organic Caffeine
Calcium D-Glucarate
Potassium Hydrogen Glucarate
Green Coffee Extract
Green Coffee Extract
Guayusa Tea Extract
AMATEA™ Guayusa Tea Extract
Organic Green Tea Extract
PurTea™ Organic Green Tea Extract
Organic Ginger Extract
PurGinger™ Organic Ginger Extract
Organic Turmeric Extract
PurCL™ Organic Turmeric Extract
Organic Vitamin C Extract
Pur-C™ Organic Vitamin C Extract
Cascara Coffee Cherry Extract

GCA® Green Coffee Extract

JAVA.g® Green Coffee Extract





AMATEA™ Organic Guayusa