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Ashland Inc.

United States

product solutions
We bring a broad range of specialty solutions to everyday health and wellness products.  Whether you are looking to reduce dusting, meet a label content claim, or reduce your tablet size, we have a solution. Our capabilities include proprietary ingredients, custom formulation and particle engineering.  We are always solving™ ingredient challenges to meet exacting specifications.


GPM vitamins and minerals                                                                                                  

slow, sustained release - gentle

on the stomach*; Organic, non-GMO,

soy-free and gluten free options available.

*versus comparable USP nutrients


probiotic strains

more than 40 unique strains for dietary supplements

to support various health benefits.


sports nutrition

Acti-solve™ BCAAs for excellent dispersibility and soluability

MCT powders in a range of oil loads


general health and microbiome support

sustainably sourced aloe vera,

probiotics, Berry-Max™ berry concentrates

(bilberry and elderberry)


support for joint health

Celadrin* esterified fatty acid complex, Perluxan™ extract,

Glucosamine chondroitin


urinary tract health

Cran-Max™ cranberry concentrate


weight management

Phase 2™ carb controller, Prenulin™ blend with Chromax™,

MCT powders and the following value-added products:

green tea extract, apple cider vinegar,

caffeine anhydrous USP, Alpha lipoic acid 70% (encapsulated),

amino acids, citrus bioflavonoid complex


custom solutions and particle engineering

Our team of solvers can help you with your next new product project from start to finish. From concept development to prototyping and product trials and commercial scale production.  We know our way around a particle.  Let us help you with custom blending, spray drying, micronizing, granulating and standardizing.

Connect with our solvers to learn more:


  • Klucel
  • Benecel
  • Aquarius
  • Natrosol
  • Aqualon
  • Blanose
  • Polyplasdone
  • Plasdone


  • Drug Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT)
  • Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA)
  • Food Marketing Institute (FMI)
  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
  • International Probiotics Association (IPA)
  • Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC)
Ashland | Wound Care

Wound Care

Ashland | Galactasol™ cationic guar

Galactasol™ cationic guar

Ashland | Galctosol™ carboxymethyl hydroxypropyl guar

Galctosol™ carboxymethyl hydroxypropyl guar

Ashland | Oral Solid Dosage Form

Oral Solid Dosage Form

Ashland | Skin and Sun Care

Skin and Sun Care

Ashland | Hair Care

Hair Care

Ashland | Pliobond™ adhesives

Pliobond™ adhesives

Ashland | Pliogrip™ structural adhesives

Pliogrip™ structural adhesives

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CAVAMAX* native cyclodextrins

Blanose™ sodium carboxymethylcellulose

Aquarius™ Control film coating systems