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Aurea Biolabs


Aurea Biolabs delivers on its promise of ‘Innovation for good’.

Aurea Biolabs is a leading nutraceutical product manufacturer with a strong focus on creating sustainable, eco-friendly products that improve the quality of life. The company’s unique proprietary manufacturing processes, efficient blending/agglomeration techniques, state-of-the-art research laboratory and best-in-class facilities have helped it grow into a globally recognized and trusted nutraceutical manufacturer.

Setting the bar high with world-class quality standards

With an emphasis on nutraceutical product development, extraction, isolation and the formulation of bio-active ingredients from natural origin and natural extracts, the stringent quality standards in place ensure the sourcing of only the highest quality ingredients and a superior manufacturing process. A rich history of partnerships with growers of raw materials from over 60 countries enables a strong pipeline of traceable and sustainable ingredients, globally renowned for its exceptional quality. Backed by world-class manufacturing facilities across India and Sri Lanka, progressive sourcing practices, advanced clinical research abilities and decades of expertise, Aurea Biolabs leads the way with its wide range of natural products and advanced processes.

Expertise that delivers tomorrow’s wellness solutions

Led by an enterprising team of 50+ R&D experts, doctorates, post-graduate scientists from multiple disciplines, chefs, food application specialists and more, Aurea Biolabs creates value-added products and new technologies that are supported by effective pre-clinical and clinical studies to demonstrate its efficacy.

Innovation that adds value

Backed by a deep understanding of nature and a culture of innovation, Aurea Biolabs has filed numerous patents and unveiled new products with empirically proven functional benefits.

Zeal TechnologyTM

The world’s first liposomal powder technology that delivers active ingredients in a powder form, for maximum bio-availability and bio-efficacy.



PNS Technology®

PNS TechnologyTM (Polar Non-polar Sandwiching Technology) recreates the entire natural matrix of active ingredients, sandwiching it between Polar and Non-polar entities to increase its functional properties and enhance bio-availability.

Product Portfolio:


Fitnox is a GRAS-certified natural pre and post-exercise supplement that improves physical endurance in athletes and provides health benefits for active adults too. It prevents dehydration, replaces electrolytes, reduces oxidative stress to decrease inflammation and triggers the production of EPO to significantly improve physical fitness. It is safe, effective and has attained Self-affirmed GRAS-certified.


Acujoint is a unique natural formulation that is ideal for people who lead active lifestyles and have a preventive approach to health. It helps wear & tear of bone tissue and cartilages.


Cureit is a clinically-tested curcumin-based health supplement which retains the goodness of the whole turmeric root by recreating the entire turmeric matrix. Cureit is tenfold more bio-available than other curcumin products in the market. It helps strengthen the immune system.


CuroWhite is an odourless, tasteless turmeric extract that is stable, highly bio-available and offers exceptional anti-oxidant properties – useful for applications in food and beverages. It is safe, effective and has attained Self-affirmed GRAS-certified.


A natural energy and refresher beverage, Oh!k works by restoring vital nutrients and fluids that may be depleted during the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is 100% natural, is essential for liver health, provides numerous health benefits and has a great flavor too.


  • Cureit
  • Oh!k
  • Curowhite
  • Retrans 90
  • Acujoint
  • Fitnox
  • Acumin
  • Acujoint
  • Ginactiv


  • Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA)


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