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AvoPacific Oils LLC

United States

AvoPacific Oils is North America's largest avocado oil producer.  Founded in 2015 by veteran farmers and friends, AvoPacific is driven to crafting the highest quality oil.  We source only the best fruit, ripen to perfection and press using tradtional methods. 

Confidence in our product starts with the confidence in the people who grow it.  From planting to pressing, it all starts in the field.  Well positioned in the heart of the world's top avocado growing regions, AvoPacific has established long term partnerships with multigenerational farmers. 

We specialize in extra virgin avocado oil which has a rich emerald green color with a mild buttery taste and our organic extra virgin avocado oil is made with 100% organic California avocados.

Our carefully crafted refined avocado oil has a neutral flavor and the highest smoke point, 520 degrees F, of any cooking oil on the market, which makes it a great option for home cooks and professionals. 

Whether you are looking to purchase in bulk or private label, let our team of professionals help you with all of your business needs. 



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