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Bio Green Woods

2620-185 Ramada


The premise of BIO GREEN WOODS bases itself more on action more than theory. Therefore, when in 2017 the company started its activity, it made perfect sense to put into practice Lavoisier’s famous quote: “In  Nature nothing is lost, everything is transformed”.

With the mission to preserve the environment, BIO GREEN WOODS allied with Mother Nature in a sustainable balance between Man and Environment.

In a time where it is imperative to reverse the levels of pollution, BIO GREEN WOODS keeps up with the global tendency for environmental protection. We assume a commitment with Mother Nature and we bet on 100% ecological products, sustainable production, clean energies and the ending of excessive deforestation for the use of wood. By using forest surpluses, we base our production on slow pyrolysis, a process of decomposing the biomass that occurs by the action of high temperatures in an environment with little to none oxygen. From this process we obtain biochar, gases and bio-oil. All of them are used in the company’s products – ZERO WASTE SYSTEM.

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