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Biocaps Enterprises Inc.

United States

BioCaps, a world leading empty hard capsules manufacturer in nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals for more than four decades, is recognized as a company dedicated to the highest quality in the industry. BioCaps offers gelatin, Hypromellose (HPMC)_BioV and acid resistant vegetable capsules called BioVXR. BioVXR has the unique capability of acid-resistance in low pH media, but dissolves in a neutral pH environment. This important feature has become an excellent choice for probiotic and enzyme formulation products.


  • Bio-V (r)
  • Bio-VXR (r)


  • International Probiotics Association (IPA)
  • Natural Products Association (NPA)
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Organic Capsules Bio-V Green - BioCaps Enterprise

Organic Capsules Bio-V Green

Vegetable Capsules Bio-V

BioVXR/ Acid Resistant Vegetable Capsules

Empty Gelatin Capsule