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Bioenergy Life Science, Inc.

Ham Lake, MN 55304
United States

Creating innovative ingredients for healthier living is the mission of Bioenergy Life Science (BLS). We are developing new scientifically-based, all-natural, and pure ingredients that help people feel, perform, and look better. Our core technology lies in the development of the multi-functional molecule D-Ribose, making us best known for the only patented and FDA GRAS-certified Ribose on the market, Bioenergy Ribose®. We use that core technology and expertise to develop other clinically-proven ingredients that support active lifestyles, mitochondrial health, sustainable cellular energy, sports recovery and much more. We sell in bulk to businesses who manufacture or formulate functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements and sports nutrition products. 


  • Bioenergy Ribose
  • RiaGev
Bioenergy Ribose|RiaGev


  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)


Compositions for Increasing Athletic Performance
Patent Number: 6429198 | Patent Date: 08/06/2002
Compositions for Increasing Energy in Vivo
Patent Number: 6159942 | Patent Date: 12/12/2000
Compositions for Increase Energy in Vivo
Patent Number: 6534480 | Patent Date: 03/18/2003
Method for Reducing Muscle Cramping and Soreness
Patent Number: 6159943 | Patent Date: 12/12/2000
Use of Ribose Supplementation for Increasing Muscle Mass and Decreasing Body Fat in Humans
Patent Number: 6525027 | Patent Date: 02/25/2003
Method for Treating Acute Mountain Sickness
Patent Number: 6511964 | Patent Date: 01/28/2003


Bioenergy Ribose
Bioenergy Ribose
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RiaGev for Increased NAD. Unique molecule combination, all-natural.


Bioenergy Ribose: the building block of ATP

Bioenergy Ribose®