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Biova LLC

United States

Biova® manufactures 100% USA-made, market leading, natural nutrient ratio, water-soluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredients:

• High-protein BiovaFlex® for human joint health. A recently published peer-reviewed, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study demonstrated consuming 450mg of BiovaFlex daily was associated with improved joint Range of Motion (ROM) and increased physical activity levels. Additionally, a subgroup analysis showed reduced back pain (as one might experience from daily activity) after just five days. BiovaFlex features an industry leading ≥88% protein standard

• All natural BiovaDerm®, for human skin care. BiovaDerm offers a standardized ingredient profile of proven elemental building blocks (≥20% collagen; ≥20% elastin; plus, desmosine and isodesmosine) to support skin care & reduce the visible signs of aging. Clinical research demonstrated reductions up to 60% in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Water solubility ensures topical delivery, which with a mild scent and neutral off-white color, offers unmatched cosmetic and skin care formulation opportunities.

• BiovaPlex®, for animal/companion pet health applications, provides nutritional building blocks to promote natural joint health, stability, and flexibility, plus a healthier skin and coat. Clinical efficacy research in fifty-seven (57) canines with limited joint mobility demonstrated positive changes within 7 days; all subjects exhibited increased activity and mobility by the conclusion of the 28-day study.

Biova’s patented processes and exacting quality control ensure ultra pure, high-protein uniform activity profiles. Water solubility offers unique delivery options for dietary supplements, functional foods, drink powders, creams, lotions and more. Biova ingredients are 100% made in the USA, self-affirmed GRAS & manufactured in a certified cGMP facility. They’re kosher & halal certified, too. Target markets include cosmetic, pharmaceutical, animal health and nutraceutical applications.


  • Hydro5™
  • Ovacore™
  • BiovaFlex®
  • BiovaDerm®
  • BiovaPlex®
  • OvaPure™


  • Natural Products Association (NPA)


Hydro5™ - Solubilized protein composition obtained from eggshell membrane
Patent Number: 8211477. 2009 | Patent Date: 07/03/2012
OvaPure™ - eggshell membrane separation method
Patent Number: 7584909. 2009 | Patent Date: 09/08/2009


BiovaPlex® - Biova


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BiovaBIOTM - Biova