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Blue California

United States

Blue California is a leader in the development and manufacturing of purified botanical extracts. Our innovative technology and expertise in extraction and purification of plant bioactive components allows us to offer safe natural ingredients to the global market. Ingredients such as Good&Sweet® Reb-A 99%, a sweetener, and L-TeaActive®, L-theanine 98%, are FDA GRAS, kosher and halal. We produce ingredients used in flavors, beverages, dietary supplements and cosmetics. Blue California's plant is independently certified by BRC-Global Standard for food safety.


  • Good&Sweet®Reb-A 99%
  • L-TeaActive® L-Theanine 98%
  • BlueSweet™Luo Han Guo Extract
  • VitaPanax™- Ginseng Extract
  • Vitamin K2 All Trans™
  • SolQ10Blue™ Coenzyme Q10 -Soluble
  • Biolut™ Lutein Esters 90%
  • BluCetin™- DHM


Stevia Extract
Good&Sweet Reb-99%

VitaPanax™- Ginseng Extract

BC -DHQ™ Dihydroquercetin

Good & Sweet ®

L-Tea Active ® 

lue Sweet TM