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Burns Automation LLC

United States

Our testing equipment includes manual and automatic tablet weight, thickness, diameter and hardness testers. We also offer manual and automatic tapped density, disintegration and dissolution testers. Additional products include a line of powder test instruments and much more. We represent Kraemer Elektronik, Charles Ischi, Copley Scientific, Troemner and PH21. We also provide calibration, validation and repair service.

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Tapped density JV | USP Compliant Tapped Density Testers - Burns Automation

Tapped density JV

Dis 8000 | Dis 8000 - Welcome to Burns Automation

Dis 8000 | Dissolution Tester

Suppository Tester | Suppository Tester - Welcome to Burns Automation

Suppository Tester

DISI-M Semi Automatic | DISI-M Semi Automatic - Welcome to Burns Automation

DISI-M Semi Automatic Disintegration Tester

UTS-IP65i | UTS-IP65i - Welcome to Burns Automation

UTS-IP65i | Washable Tablet Tester

P-Series | P-Series - Welcome to Burns Automation

P-Series Semi & Automatic Tablet Testing System

Tablet Weighing Systems | Tablet Weighing Systems - Welcome to Burns Automation

Tablet Weighing Systems

TH3 | Copley TH3 Tablet hardness testers - Burns Automation

Copley TH3 Tablet hardness testers


UTS-Extended NIR

Kraemer HC6.2 – Tablet Hardness Tester (W,T,D,H)

Automatic Tablet Testers/UTS4.1-S20