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Canomiks Inc.

Cambridge, MA 02138
United States

Canomiks is at the intersection of genomics, bioinformatics and nutrition, and has created a new category design for genomics-based herbal supplements. It is a start-up whose technology has been developed over six years at Harvard Medical School. The product of the genome (genes/DNA) that is the transcriptome (RNA) gets translated into the proteome (proteins) and can be affected by environmental factors as well as disease. Canomiks has identified the transcriptomic signatures of 30+ chronic conditions and has curated a database depicting the association of 250 different herbs and 35 micronutrients with expression of ~20000 mamalian genes. Using these databases and precision medicine methodologies, Canomiks has developed the proprietary GeneTune® algorithm which can be used to design multi-herb formulations. These formulations can be targeted at modifying the transcriptomic signature of the chronic conditions or for maintianing health. Canomiks is offering GeneTune® as a service platform to companies within the herbal/botanical dietary supplement product industry, that would like to either develop new products, want to repurpose their existing products for a new market, or identify the ‘omics’ (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics) based disease signatures of their own products. Currently, Canomiks is developing a transcriptomics platform that can be used to standardize the biological effect of herbs/botanicals/micronutrients as well as the effects of common contaminants. 

Technology developed:

Canomiks has curated proprietary (trade secret) databases of: 1) botanical-gene interactions by identifying the relationship of 250 botanicals and 35 micronutrients with 20000+ mammalian genes, 2) human transcriptomic signature of chronic conditions, and 3) toxin-gene interactions of common toxins/adulterants. Using these proprietary databases, Canomiks has created the proprietary GeneTune&


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Our Approach – Canomiks

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