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Sichuan 610041

Chengdu iMOS Biotechnology Co. is located in Sichuan Province, the industrial center of Southwest China. We are passionate about improving health and well being for all. We specialize in manufacturing and sales of iMOS – a new generation of prebiotics produced by our proprietary technology.

iMOS Introduction

iMOS is a mannan oligosaccharide obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of a konjac glucomannan (KGM). It is a unique prebiotic with a degree of polymerization between 2 and 10. The distinctive feature of enzymatic cleavage is that it specifically exposes the mannose residues. Therefore, the non-reducing ends of iMOS are mannoses.

iMOS is approved by CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) as a new and safe food material and we are the only company that has successfully manufactured iMOS in industrial scale.

iMOS is a unique prebiotic, promoting and maintaining gut microbiota. Unlike other oligosaccharides, iMOS can directly induce regulatory T cells. iMOS can also be used for managing healthy microbiome since it directly competes against pathogenic bacteria for host cell binding sites.

We believe that the unique biological function of iMOS, and its combination with probiotics of desired function, will have important and significant applications in health and medicine.


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CIBRE ® meal replacement powder - Chengdu iMOS Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

CIBRE ® meal replacement powder

iMOS™ powder - Chengdu iMOS Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

iMOS™ powder

iMOS™ chewable tablet - Chengdu iMOS Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

iMOS™ chewable tablet

CIBRE ® chewable tablet - Chengdu iMOS Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

CIBRE ® chewable tablet

iMOS™ (mannan oligosaccharides) - Chengdu iMOS Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

iMOS™ (mannan oligosaccharides)