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Coral LLC

United States

Coral LLC is a leading supplier of natural minerals. We have exclusive rights to certain pure coral calcium, natural calcium carbonate and oyster shell calcium deposits. Our calcium products are offered as powder or granulated for direct compress(DC). This allows Coral LLC to be a major supplier of bulk minerals for different industries. We also offer finished products under custom formulations and/or private label.


  • Coral White Toothpaste
  • Coral Complex 3
  • Eco Pure Coral Powder
  • Eco Safe
  • Cinnamon 6
  • Daily D
  • Coral Alkalizing Water Treatment
  • Cal - Mag 2:1
  • Eco-Pure Natural Calcium Carbonate
  • Sea Shell Calcium Powder


  • Natural Products Association (NPA)


Calcium Carbonate
Eco Pure Coral Calcium
Exhibited At: 
Coral Joint & Collagen Support - Coral Calcium

Coral Joint & Collagen Support

Coral Cinnamon6 243 Capsules - Coral Calcium

Coral Cinnamon6

Coral Vitamin D3 Plus 100 Capsules - Coral Calcium

Coral Vitamin D3 Plus

Coral NanoSilver Toothpaste Mint - Coral Calcium

Coral NanoSilver Toothpaste Mint

Coral NanoSilver Mouthwash Mint - Coral Calcium

Mouthwash Mint

Coral Kids Gummies - Cherry - Coral Calcium

Coral Kids Gummies - Cherry -

Hawaiian Turmeric Gummies - Coral Calcium

Hawaiian Turmeric Gummies

Coral EcoPure Powder

Coral Alkaline Water Sachets

Coral Complex³

Coral Cal-Mag