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CoreFX Ingredients

United States

CoreFX Ingredients is a US-based manufacturer which specializes in developing innovative dry dairy and lipid ingredients which satisfy taste and wellbeing where convenience is a premium.

We pride ourselves on being dry added-value dairy experts and use our dairy heritage to create and pioneer authentic dry grass-fed butter, cheese, creams and cultured dairy which are available organic, GMO- free, kosher, halal and Rbst-free. The result is all-natural ingredients that our customers can trust as being true to dairy. We also focus on the creation of functional dry oils which work well in a vast array of applications, taste good and satisfy consumers need for vegan, GMO-free, ketogenic and paleo.

But functional, delicious and wholesome ingredients aren’t the only reasons leading manufactures like doing business with us. Service and innovation are the cornerstones of CoreFX. Our technological expertise, combined with our global sourcing capabilities and hands-on support deliver a broad range of solutions on time and in budget.


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  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
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