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Cosucra Groupe Warcoing S.A.

United States

EURO 35 million capital investment to increase pea protein isolate capacity

Strategic aim

To take advantage of Cosucra’s technological edge in the domain of plant-based proteins and to achieve a production capacity miles ahead of the competition. Cosucra is responding to an urgent market demand with the best production plant.

Commercial aims

By having such an efficient production plant, we aim to support the plant-based food market, which is seeing strong growth of 8 to 10% per annum, and to be in a position to supply our existing customers and new players with an impeccable-quality product at an attractive price.

The competitive edge thanks to the new production plant investment

Cosucra is striving to establish a new industrial standard in the domains of energy efficiency and sanitary quality. This production plant is the most modern in the world, and we use it to supply unprecedented volumes of a quality product. Cosucra is currently the only company in its industry to have at its disposal not just plans or projects, but an industrial tool capable of supplying the market in 2018.

Launched in 2013, the investment project consisted of two phases, the first of which involved the construction of:

• A second refining line for the pea proteins (Pisane®);

• A third packaging line;

• An extension to the warehouses for raw materials and finished products.

The second phase of investment involved completely replacing the final processing and drying facilities for the proteins. The main piece of equipment is a large-capacity automatic dryer. The dryer alone enabled the drying process to be increased to twice the speed, while slashing CO2 emissions.

Even though Cosucra has invested over 25 years in the development of natural food ingredients, it has never pursued its economic development strategy at the expense of sustainable development.

Cosucra has taken into account the following elements in the design of its new Pisane® pea protein production line in order to strengthen its commitment and social responsibility (CSR).

• The whole process is aimed at a rational use of water

• Wastewater treatment in high-tech facility before discharge into the Scheldt;

• Recovery of all the biogas produced in the wastewater treatment plant to generate green electricity;

• Currently, biogas recovery saves 2,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions;

• Once the system is in place in this investment project, the volume of saved CO2 emisions will rise to 10,000 tonnes;

• The effective use of filters allows the site to reach the lowest dust emissions environmental standards;

• Noise impact has been taken into account in the selection and location of equipment necessary for the extension. The buildings are made of soundproofing materials;

• A plant screen between the residents and the plant is planned in the landscape design;

• The increase in pea supply will only be transported over the inland waterway network.

To support customers’ and consumers’ increasing demand for plant based protein with the EURO 35 million plant expansion, Cosucra has inaugurated a subsidiary in the US, Canada and Mexico with a view to increasing its presence in North America, one of the world’s most promising markets for pea protein.  North America is the largest market for pea protein and forecasts suggest that, by 2022, it will become the sector’s most important market with 41% of the share.

The second largest market will be Asia-Pacific, with a projected share of 33%, followed by Europe at 22%. Cosucra currently has two sales representatives in China, as well as one in Taiwan, as it aims to keep pace with this growth at the same time as expanding its presence in the US, Canada and Mexico.

The North American business will help Cosucra “to further build customer intimacy and support our partners’ growth in plant-based nutrition.” The company aims to take a ‘solutions-focused approach’ in order to provide customers with relevant concepts that meet local taste preferences.

Frank Truong has been appointed as general manager to lead the growth of Cosucra’s business in USA, Canada and Mexico, and the company acknowledges the need to grow its business worldwide.  Truong has extensive global expertise.


  • Pisane(r)
  • Nastar(r)
  • Exafine(r)
  • Swelite(r)
  • Fibruline(r)
  • Fibrulose(r)


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Cosucra - We think food better. Naturally.


Cosucra - We think food better. Naturally.


Cosucra - We think food better. Naturally.


Cosucra - We think food better. Naturally.


Cosucra - We think food better. Naturally.