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Deseret Laboratories

United States

8- fluid-bed granulators

Wurster Coating

Roto Granulations

Tablet, Capsule, and Softgel Coatings with Color coating, Delay release, Enteric, or Taste masking

3- Tablet & Capsule bottling lines

6- coating pans (2) 48" , (2) 60 " , & (2) stretch 1000 kilo each 60” pans

8-tablet & Capsule suites

Effervescent tableting & packaging capabilities for OTC and Nutritional products

Patented & Trademarked Products include-

DesCal Calcium Carbonate powders & Granulations

UltraSolve – Excipient for rapid oral cavity dissolution tablets 

DesC- 97% Vit C DC Granulations

DesBicarb- 8 – 10% Heat Stabilized Sodium Bicarbonate for Effervescent products



  • Gublair
  • Natures Wisdom
  • DesCal
  • UltraSolve
  • DesBicarb
  • DesC


  • Drug Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT)
  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
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Quality – Deseret Laboratories Inc.

Quality Assurance

Research and Development 



Tableting and Encapsulation