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Desiccare Inc.

United States

Desiccare Inc. is an industry leader in controlled atmospheric packaging with a full line of standard and custom desiccant products servicing a variety of industrial and consumer requirements. Founded in 1994, the company has always been among the first to apply new technology to create custom solutions that meet the challenges in the active packaging industry. Desiccare's products are trusted by major businesses worldwide for protection in applications for pharmaceutical, electronics, food safety, transportation, government and many more.


  • Pillow Pak
  • Cargo Dry Pak
  • Ethylene Eliminator Pak
  • Unit Pak
  • NoOx


  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
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Mold Away | Desiccare, Inc.


Ethylene Absorber to Reduce Food Waste by Desiccare Inc.

Ethylene Paks

Integra Boost

Integra Boost

Ethylene Absorber to Reduce Food Waste by Desiccare Inc.

Eliminator Paks

Silica Gel Desiccant Packet | Desiccant Gel Pack | Silica Gel Packet

Bulk Desiccants

Humidity Indicator Cards | Desiccare, Inc.

Humidity Indicator Cards

Continuous Strip Pillow Paks | Desiccare

Continuous Strip Pillow Paks

Oxygen Absorbers For Food Storage | 15cc to 750cc Oxygen Absorber

Oxygen Absorbers

Unit Paks | Desiccare Inc

Unit Paks


Cargo Dry

Pillow PaksTM