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Euromed USA

United States

Euromed is renowned for the purity and potency of the standardized botanical extracts and purified natural actives manufactured at its Barcelona facility. The company possesses 7 industrial certifications and a long-standing supplier to the European pharmaceutical industry. The firm has been inspected by numerous governmental agencies and its SOPs and analytical capability satisfy the most rigorous regulatory scrutiny.  All extracts are “pharmacopeial-grade” and produced per US & European Pharmacopeia botanical monograph requirements.  Euromed’s agronomists establish plant cultivation in optimal global environments. Complete traceability from field-to-finished-extract is essential to meet heightened US regulatory demands. Each batch of extract undergoes a minimum of 20 laboratory test following the PhytoProof® Process of quality control. Its extracts are used in leading clinically tested formulations and new research publications released periodically.

In 2017, Euromed acquired the assets of Probelte Biotechnologies in Murcia, Spain. This includes the eco-friendly Hydro-Pure Process for Pomanox, pomegranate extracts and Mediteanox, olive fruit extracts. Seven years of research have been invested into the biological activities of these products.

A 2 million innovation center and expanded laboratory facility was completed at its Barcelona facility in 2017.


  • ABAlife
  • Proliva
  • Mediteanox
  • Prosterol
  • Pomanox
  • Prunera
  • PhytoProof
  • Silactive
  • Hydro-Pure Process


  • American Botanical Council (ABC)
Echinacea Dry Extract – Euromed

Echinacea Dry Extract

Grape Seed Extract – Euromed

Grape Seed Extract

Milk Thistle Dry Extract – Euromed

Milk Thistle Dry Extract

Garlic Extracts – Euromed

Garlic Extracts


Mediteanox™ Olive Fruit Extract

ABAlife™ Fig Fruit Extract

Devil’s Claw Dry Extract

Black Cohosh Dry Extract

Bilberry Dry Extract

Artichoke Dry Extract

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