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  • Bone health - A matter of balance
  • A closer look at how resveratrol may help support bone health.

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  • Veri-te™ Revitalizing Resveratrol for Healthy Aging - A Closer Look at Cognition
  • An in-depth summary of published studies supporting the benefits of resveratrol on cognitive health. 

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  • Resveratrol's Promising Role in Women's Health
  • A look at how resveratrol can play an important role in women's health

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  • Transforming Women's Health with Resveratrol - A Closer Look at Clinical Research
  • An informative whitepaper detailing clinical studies that investigate the benefits of resveratrol supplementation in conditions and concerns relating to women's health and aging, including:

    • Maintenance of a good hormonal balance
    • Bone density and joint health
    • Muscle function
    • Skin health using oral supplements and topical applications
    • Blood homeostasis
    • Cognitive performance
    • Quality of life
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  • Veri-te™ Clinical Studies Brochure
  • Published clinical studies using Veri-te™ resveratrol sponsored or supported by Evolva.

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  • Veri-te™ Heart Health
  • Discover the benefits of Veri-te™ resveratrol and find out why resveratrol is a natural ingredient with a range of potential cardiovascular benefits. 

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  • Veri-te™ Bone Health
  • Bone health, a matter of balance! Read how Veri-te™ resveratrol may help support bone health.

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  • Veri-te™ Cognition
  • Read how research shows resveratrol is an effective ingredient in supporting many key neurological functions in the aging population.

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  • Veri-te™ Skin Health
  • Read why resveratrol is a powerful and scientifically-backed ingredient that can help rejuvenate and energise skin and why Veri-te™ resveratrol is an ideal ingredient for use in ‘Beauty from Within’ products, topical creams and serum applications.

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  • Veri-te™ Blood Glucose
  • Our technical brochure highlighting the clinical studies that shows how resveratrol may support a healthy blood glucose level.

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