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Famenity Co. Ltd.

South Korea

Famenity researches and develops high-quality natural ingredients and botanical extracts backed by scientific studies. We offer the complete line of dietary supplements, functional foods, and premium cosmetics in both raw materials and finished products. Through our clinically proven ingredients, our client can make the value-added products securing safety and efficacy. Our top product lines are Silk Fibroin Peptide for memory and brain health, MR-10 for men's health, MS-10 for women's health, and EGF & bFGF for hair and skin care. we are devoted to contributing to the health of people.


  • Mr-10
  • BF-7
  • Ms-10
  • tamisense
  • ginsamin
  • toscare
  • Brain Youth
  • Mrs-10
  • CoPep
  • New Run
  • New Learn
  • Antasun
  • Famenity
  • New Run

*Reduce body fat Healthy diet.

Intestinal health Healthy probiotics.

Improve dry eyes Healthy eye.

*Fatigue improvement Ginsamin

*Man’s health enhancement MR-10 Man power

*Memory enhancement Memory power

Memory power stick jelly


Silk Fibroin Peptide