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Citri-Fi® 100 & 150 Series:

  • Baked Goods/Bars: moisture retention, freshness over shelf life, caloric reduction via egg and oil reduction, emulsification, increased fiber, gluten-free, dough strengthener, heat stability
  • Beverages/Smoothies: pulp extension, mouthfeel enhancement, gum replacement, body, emulsification, thickener, clouding
  • Dairy: natural emulsification, natural bodifier, improved texture in low sugar foods, natural stabilization, mouthfeel, fat reduction, syneresis reduction
  • Sauces/Fillings: heat & low pH stability, process stability, pulp extension, fat reduction, freeze/thaw stability, syneresis reduction, emulsification, mouthfeel, pectin extension, gelling at high Brix/low pH
  • Frozen Foods: ice crystallization reduction, water migration prevention in fillings, freeze/thaw stability, improved microwavability
  • Meats: improved cooked yield, purge reduction, phosphate reduction, texture enhancer/succulence, emulsification, grease control marinade adhesion, freeze/thaw stability 
  • Pet Food/Treats: strengthening, binding, moisture retention, reduced stickiness, texturizer, reduced crumbing, improved flowability
  • Plating: high oil load delivery, flavor release improvement, emulsification, instant stabilization upon reconstituting
  • Plant-based Foods: moisture retention, emulsification, freeze/thaw stability, heat stability

Citri-Fi 200 & Citri-Fi 300 Series:

  • Additional viscosity and stabilization typically for dairy products, beverages, sauces and fillings


  • Citri-Fi
  • Fiberstar


  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)


Citrus Fiber
Exhibited At: 
The Citri-Fi Clean Label Natural Citrus Fiber Line - Fiberstar, Inc.

The Citri-Fi Clean Label Citrus Fiber Line