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Five Flavors Herbs

Oakland, CA 94609
United States

COMMITMENT TO QUALITY We are proud to work with reputable botanical importers and domestic farms to source organic, lab tested, and responsibly wild harvested herbs. Our extracts are manufactured from start to finish in accordance with current good manufacturing practices for dietary supplements. Our raw materials are identity and quality conformance tested. Our extracts are made in a compliant facility with adherence to standard operating procedures to ensure safety and consistency. Our finished extracts are analyzed by ISO certified 3rd party labs and our Quality Assurance team to ensure safety and compliance with specifications.

OUR APPROACH Launched by a professional herbalist and acupuncturist, and a medical doctor, Five Flavors Herbs bridges the therapeutic traditions of East and West. We combine scientific research and clinical practice with millennia old theory of healing to offer reliable tools for practitioners and purveyors. Whether you have a trusted product, are seeking help with formulation, or are interested in purveying our remedies under your label, we are experts when it comes to manufacturing standard-bearing herbal supplements. Our experience includes fertility formulations, digestive bitters, adaptogen blends, emotional health and immune system tonics. For more information contact:



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