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Florida Food Products, LLC

United States

Protection: With simple and natural foods becoming mainstream, food product developers are challenged to eliminate artificial and synthetic ingredients from products without jeopardizing quality and food safety.

Florida Food Products uses the power of plants to provide effective alternatives to undesirable synthetic ingredients, such as curing agents like sodium nitrate/nitrite, chemical-based cure accelerators, and stabilizers.  VegStable® is a minimally processed, all natural powder that eliminates the need for synthetic food ingredients. The powders are derived from label-friendly produce like celery, acerola cherries, and Swiss chard.

Color and Flavor: Consumers naturally favor foods and beverages that look and taste great . Florida Food products offers a range of high quality, gently processed juice concentrates in liquid and powder form. The company can work with clients to develop custom blends.  New capabilities in fermentation opens up a whole new range of clean label, authentic flavor profiles.

Performance Nutrition:  Key capabilities in raw material sourcing and processing technology allows Florida Food Products to offer nitrate and nitrite standardized beetroot juice and powder along with greens blends such as kale, chard and spinach.  Studies have shown nitrate rich vegetables to improve athletic performance, increase blood flow and maintain normal blood pressure.  Antioxidant rich acerola cherry powder rounds out the company's offering in this area.

For over 60 years, Florida Food Products has been providing the food and pet care industries with fruit and vegetable based concentrates and powders that deliver flavor and color in a wide variety of end applications. The company has USDA organic capabilites and has achieved Non-GMO Project Verifiication for many of its products.  For brand owners looking to meet their customers’ demands for clean, simple and authentic, Florida Food Products' VegCon™, VegDry, JuiceDry™ and VegBlend™ are truly a natural choice.  


  • VegStable®
  • FiberGel LC®
  • TexDry LC®
  • VegDry™
  • VegCon™
  • JuiceDry™
  • VegBlend™


  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
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