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IFF Health

Ridgefield, NJ 07657
United States

Years of experience have made Frutarom Health , a leading global manufacturer of high-quality health ingredients backed by the science, and supported with documentation and the regulatory compliance our customers demand.

Proving once again that it keeps pace with health-and-wellness developments, Frutarom Health brings a selection of ingredients that target today’s driving health concerns. Four new product groups make it easy for brands to find solutions to consumers’ unique wellness needs. Even better: Each product reflects Frutarom Health’s commitment to science, quality and innovation.


  • SoyLife
  • FenuLife
  • LinumLife
  • Benolea
  • Neuravena
  • Go-Less
  • Alguard
  • Incaberrix
  • Portusana
  • FinoMate
  • Origanox
  • NutraT
  • GinkGO


  • American Botanical Council (ABC)
FenuLife® — Product image

FenuLife® — A natural solution to a burning sensation

SoyLife® — Product image

SoyLife® — The most researched source of soy germ isoflavones

EchishieldTM — Product image

EchishieldTM — Natural protection to your life

Go-Less Men® — Product image

Go-Less Men® — The natural way to support men's urinary health

Go-Less® — Product image

Go-Less® — You don’t have to run run run, you can simply Go-Less®

Portusana® — Product image

Portusana® — Keeping glucose on track

Benolea® — Product image

Benolea® — Natural solution for healthy blood pressure

Sharp-PS — Product image

Sharp-PS — A natural nutrient for body and mind

Neuravena® — Product image

Neuravena® — Natural support for concentration and mental performances

AB-Fortis® — Product image

AB-Fortis® — Iron benefits without the hassle