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United States

Fytexia provides clinically proven ingredients for health, wellness and sports nutrition dietary supplements:

Sinetrol®, Fat Shredding Technology® - Non-stimulant body weight loss ingredient with 3 clinical studies on a total of 192 subjects. 

Sinetrol® Active living, Weight Management for active people - Helps individuals boosting the benefits of the physical activity they perform.

DNF-10, Satiety peptides for weight management - Promotes weight loss through a regulation of the mediators of satiety proven in 4 clinical trials.

Oxxynea®, Polyphenol antioxidant concentrate – Fruit & vegetables extracts to equal the same antioxidant capacity as in 5 servings of fresh fruit & vegetables. 

Fiit-ns®, Metabolic Healthy-Aging - Helps to naturally boost the feeling of vitality and energy to increase quality of life - 2 clinical studies on a total of 89 subjects.

Mangoselect®, Joint Health Support - Naturally alleviate joint discomfort associated with the body’s natural inflammatory response after only 5 days - 1 published clinical study.

Oleactiv®, Maintain Cardiovascular Health - Contributes to maintain a healthy blood lipid profile by enhancing the protective action of olive polyphenols and by decreasing the deposit of oxidized fat on the arterial wall - 1 publication pending study. 

PerfLoad®, Heavier performance – Polyphenol strength for explosive peak power – 1 published study, works on an acute basis.

BurntoRun®, Increased endurance – Inner fuel to go farther – 1 publication pending study.

TensLess®, Faster recovery – Polyphenols to restore physical capacity – 1 published study, works on an acute basis.





  • American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)
DNF-10 - Satiety petides for weigt management

DNF-10 I Weight management

TensLess - faster recovery - sports nutrition

TensLess® I Sports Recovery

BurntoRun - Heightened Endurance - Sports Nutrition

 BurntoRun® I Sports Endurance

PerfLoad - Sports Nutrition - Heavier Performance

PerfLoad® I Sports Performance

Oleactiv - caridovascular health

Oleactiv® I Cardiovascular health

Mangoselect - Joint Health Support

Mangoselect® I Joint Health

Fiit-ns - Metabolic Healthy Aging - Quality of life

Fiit-ns® I Metabolic healthy aging

Oxxynea - Polyphenol Concentrate

Oxxynea® I Polyphenol concentrate

Sinetrol - Fat Shredding technology - weight management

Sinetrol® I Weight Management