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Hainan Super Biotech Co. Ltd.


 Super Biotech only product---Rosemary Extract:

1. Carnosic acid 5% to 98%  powder;

2. Rosmarinic acid 2.5% to 40%; 3. Ursolic acid 25% to 50%;

4. Formula natural antioxidant for meat products, DHA, VA, Natural pigments and edible oils, etc.; 5. Rosemary Essential oil.


Our superior and competitive products are Carnosci acid 60% (CA60), Carnosci acid 30% (CA30), Rosmarinic acid 20% to 25% (RA 20/25), Essential oil, Ursolic acid, etc.


Rosemary extract is with strong antioxidant and preservative in Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Sport nutrition products and Health Products.


Our contact information:

Tel: +86 898 66661239 ext. 804  C-phone: 13876372832

Fax: +86 898 68631125


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