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Hainan Xisha Noni Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Hainan 572505

As the forerunner of Hainan characteristic agriculture development, Luqiao Group established “Xisha Noni” brand in 2004 by the operation philosophy of diversified products. Currently, “Xisha Noni” has over 3600 acres or 240 ha national standard plantation in Sanya, Hainan province and sets the first Noni Research and Development Center and builds large multi-functional factory in Sanya. It has independently developed “Xisha Noni” series products including Xisha Noni enzyme concentrate and Xisha Noni fruit powder and puree. It is the only enterprise in China which get both “Organic Planting Certification” and “Organic Processing Verification” together. Meanwhile, the company Hainai Xisha Noni Biotechnology co., ltd running the whole-industry-chain for noni products, integrating planting, harvesting, research, development, production and marketing. Our origin noni (Morinda Citrifolia)trees were the wild plant grown on Xisha island at South China Sea, so it is rich in nutrients beneficial to health and phytochemistry, including antioxidants and bioflavonoids as it is considered a classic example of an adaptogenic medicinal plant.The term "adaptogenic" refers to any substance that increases the body's resistance(especially asian) to stress.

The company assure the noni juices are organic and processed with anaerobic fermentation technique.
As high-end noni brand in China, "Xisha Noni" pay much attention to product quality and safe food applied science, physiology, nutriology, medicine, pharmacy in R&D and production, making its own contribution to the project of “Healthy China” in new era of 21cn.


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