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Heartland Flax (A Healthy Food Ingredients brand)

United States

Heartland Flax provides quality flax products in bulk and custom retail packaging, including real cold milled flax seed, whole flax seed, and flax seed oil. HF also offers a microbial reduction process for flax seeds, chia, quinoa, millet and other products. Heartland Flax has joined the Healthy Food Ingredient family of brands. HFI offers non-GMO, organic, certified transitional, gluten-free pulses, grains, seeds, soybeans, expeller oils and signature products Suntava Purple Corn and Ancient Grisps. The company is dedicated to delivering safe, healthy, quality ingredients.


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Heartland Flax
Flax Oil
Heartland Flax Oil
Innovative Solutions - HFI

Innovative Solutions

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Suntava Purple Corn - HFI

Suntava Purple Corn™

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