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Hyderabad TELANGANA, INDIA 500037

HERBOCHEM (since 1973):

Manufacturers of plant extracts, phyto chemicals and hydrolysed proteins and suppliers of other nutraceutical ingredients. With more than 130 man years experience in plant extracts we have successfully built partnerships with many multinationals and great companies worldwide.

We are constantly challenging our capabilities to achieve better quality and offer Innovate high quality products.

Our recent innovation for protein bar and sports nutritional products are

Coconut Extract, 50% protein, Completely soluble in water and Great Taste

Moringa Extract, 30% Protein, Completely soluble in water and acceptable taste

Ashwagandha Extract 8%, - USP Protocol HPLC

Ashwagandha water Extract ,

Asparagus Racemosus 20% and 40%.

We also offer heat sterilized herb powders.

We seek partners and collaborators who share common vision and Goals



  • WSM 8
  • Coko 50
  • MoPro 30
  • ASH2O
  • HBC 3
  • TH2O
  • DBC 95
HERBOCHEM|WSM 8|Coko 50|MoPro 30|ASH2O|HBC 3|TH2O|DBC 95


Moringa Extract
Ashwagandha Hydrolysed
Exhibited At: 
Phytochemicals – Herbochem

Phytochemicals – Curcumin

HC30P Moringa Extract – Herbochem

HC30P Moringa Extract

HCWS Curcumin – Herbochem

HCWS Curcumin

HC50P Coconut Protein – Herbochem

HC50P Coconut Protein

HC8W Ashwagandha – Herbochem

HC8W Ashwagandha