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Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 500037

Herbochem is a manufacturer of herbal extracts, powders, phytochemicals, hydrochemicals and various optimum product. It has been a stalwart in the industry and made a name for itself with its associations with some of the biggest names in this business. 

Founded in 1973, Herbochem, has today become a pioneer in blending the latest technology with tried and tested agricultural techniques in order to create some of the most pure herbal extracts, phytochemicals and nutraceutical ingredients in the world today.
With over 4 decades of experience, our principle remains the same - never compromise on quality.

Any herbal extract or powder, you name it and we have it. 

Our USPs :-

·        Inhouse Research

·        Flexible Manufacturing Techniques

·        Technical Expertise

·        30 years experience in natural products

·        Multinational Collaboration

·        Timely Delivery and T.Q.M

·        Competitive Prices

Our recent innovations

Hydrolysed Ashwagandha root extract (WSH 8)-World's first Hydrolysed Ashwagandha- Game changer

Ashwagandha Extract 8%, - USP Protocol HPLC- Highest grade in the market 

Ashwagandha water Extract - Ashwagandha extracted using water. Completely chemical free

Ashwagandha root extract- Extracted by following the Ayurvedic text with Highest Bioavailability

Moringa Extract, 30% Protein (MoPro 30)- Completely soluble in water

Coconut Extract, 50% protein (Coko 50)- Completely soluble in water- One of a kind product 

Water soluble Curcumin - Standardized to 10%& 20% Curcuminoids

Asparagus Racemosus 20% and 40%.

Freeze Dried Seabuck Thorn- Only freeze dried seabuck thorn in market 

We also offer heat sterilized herb powders.

We believe that we have products which are going to be major Game changers in todays market. Our vison is to create awareness among people and expand our business globally. We are looking for partners in the form of distributors or traders who share our vision- global dominance 



  • WSM 8
  • Coko 50
  • MoPro 30
  • ASH2O
  • HBC 3
  • TH2O
  • DBC 95


Moringa Extract
Ashwagandha Hydrolysed
Exhibiting At: 
Phytochemicals – Herbochem

Phytochemicals – Curcumin

HC30P Moringa Extract – Herbochem

HC30P Moringa Extract

HCWS Curcumin – Herbochem

HCWS Curcumin

HC50P Coconut Protein – Herbochem

HC50P Coconut Protein

HC8W Ashwagandha – Herbochem

HC8W Ashwagandha