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Hi-Q Marine Biotech International. Ltd.

Taiwan Province of China

Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd., was established in 1998 and for the past 20 years has been dedicated to the development of high quality health products with world-leading marine biotechnology. Hi-Q maintains its business operations, research and product development by upholding the concepts of “Natural, Healthy and Happiness,” servicing clients with professional technology, high quality manufacturing practice and friendly customer service.

Hi-Q specializes in the research and development of low molecule Fucoidan (molecular weight of 500-1500Dalton) products. Hi-Q has collaborated with government and academic sectors, and in conjunction with medical institutions and academic units has also conducted human clinical trials on the safety, efficacy and scientific evidence aquatic health food materials. Hi-Q has received many awards over the years and has developed many high quality product lines such as the Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan health foods, functional foods and beauty products.


  • FucoHiQ
  • FucoPets
  • FucoBeauty
  • Olifuco
  • Fucoskin
  • FucoSkin


  • Natural Products Association (NPA)

FucoPets - ImmuArmor Functional Snack

FucoPets - DermAway Fucoidan Gel

FucoPets - HeartFight Pets Supplement

FucoPets - ImmuArmor Pets Supplement

FucoBeauty - Fucoidan Facial Mask (Bio-Fiber)

FucoHiQ - HnOverKiler Supplement



OliFuco® Oligo Fucoidan Powder

550mg*90 capsules/box

FucoHiQ - BalanGluco Supplement

700mg*60 tablets/box

FucoHiQ - MultiArmor Supplement

550mg*60 capsules/box

FucoHiQ - Oligo Fucoidan Supplement

FucoBeauty Fucowell-Oligo Fucoidan Gel