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Horphag Research USA

Hoboken, NJ 07030-5722
United States


  • Pycnogenol(r)
  • Robuvit(r)


  • American Botanical Council (ABC)
  • Natural Products Association (NPA)


Method of Controlling the Reactivity of Human Blood Platelets by Oral Administration of the Extract of the Maritime Pine (Pycnogenol)
A method of inhibiting platelet aggregation with an agent which is able to normalize and enhance platelet reactivity without adversely affecting the bleeding time. The method additonally prevents adrenaline-induced platelet aggregation.
Patent Number: 5,720,956 | Patent Date: 02/24/1998
Medicinal Composition For Treating Dysmenorrhea and Endometrosis Industral Use
A medicinal composition for treating dysmenorrhea and endometriosis comprising a plant extract and containing proanthocyanidins as an effective component therof. The composition is provided and administered in the form of soft capsules, tablets, or a powdery or liquid preparation to be used for treating dysmenorrhea and endometriosis.
Patent Number: 6,372,266 | Patent Date: 04/16/2002


Pycnogenol(R), French maritime pine bark extract
Pycnogenol®:Pycnogenol for coginitive function, Pycnogenol and cognitive function

Cognitive Function

Pycnogenol®:Pycnogenol and diabetes, Pycnogenol for diabetes


Joint support

Skin care

Eyes & Vision

Circulatory & Heart