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HP Ingredients

Bradenton, FL 34205
United States

HP Ingredients is a fast-growing research-based botanical  company that offers unique, innovative, science-based, clinically-proven, patented, safe and natural  ingredients to the nutraceutical industry. Our ingredients address today’s most common chronic health conditions: they help support optimal testosterone, energy, heart, blood sugar, cholesterol, weight management, brain and memory health.
We support sustainable wild-crafting and socially responsible practices for the indigenous farmers in Chile and Malaysia, where our raw botanical ingredients are harvested.

Products and Services
Our global team of patent-awarded scientists bring you LJ100® standardized Eurycoma longifolia extract (22% Bioactive Eurypeptides) for sports nutrition and testosterone health; Bergamonte® for metabolic syndrome, cholesterol, glucose balance, and weight management; ParActin® for joint, bone, and muscle health; Maqui Superberry™, highest antioxidant superfruit; Citruslim™ for healthy cortisol and weight management; NO Max™ for antioxidant, vasodilating, and nitric oxide enhancement; and NeuroActin™ for brain cell protection, memory and cognitive health.
We provide custom formulations, private label services and turn-key solutions with truly innovative products to ensure your competitiveness and future business growth.


  • LJ100
  • Bergamonte
  • ParActin
  • Maqui Superberry
  • CitruSlim
  • NoMax
  • NeuroActin
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  • American Botanical Council (ABC)
  • American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)


WO/02/17946 Bioactive Fraction of Eurycoma Longifolia
LJ100® is the only science based Eurycoma Longifolia extract, standardized to 40% Glyco Saponins, 28% Eurypeptides, 30% Polysacharides, and Eurycomanone. Eurypeptides is clinically proven at MIT for its androgenic properties. Created by the original researchers at MIT and University Malaya, this product has shown in human clinical trials - an ability to increase energy, enhance sport performance, promote anabolic state, and increase fat free mass. LJ100® is made from wild crafted Tongkat Ali root from the rainforest of Malaysia. It is produced using a patented extraction technology, with high temperature, high pressure, reverse osmosis water extraction method, ultra filtration process, and freeze dried technology without any filler. LJ100® is protected by a worldwide patent for treatment of sexual dysfunction and male fertility. (WO 02/17946 A1, US 7,132,117)
Patent Number: WO/02/17946/PCT/US01/40101 | Patent Date: 01/01/2002
Composition of Labdane Diterpenes Extracted from Andrographis Paniculata
Composition of Labdane Diterpenes Extracted from Andrographis paniculata useful for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, and Alzheimr diseas by activation for PPR-Gamm Receptors.
Patent Number: US 8,084,495 132 | Patent Date: 11/27/2011
Bioactive Fraction of Eurycoma longifolia
The invention provides new uses and products for treatment of sexual dysfunction and male infertility. The products include bioactive components of extracts from roots of the plant Eurycoma longifolia mixed in preparations for topical application and administration.
Patent Number: 7,132,117 | Patent Date: 11/07/2006
Composition Of Labdane Diterpenes extracted from Andrographis Paniculata, Useful for the Treatment of Autoimmune Disease, and Alzheimer Disease by Activation For PPR-gamma Receptors
The diterpenic labdane 3-[2-[ decahydro-6,hydroxy-5-(hy­droxymethy 1)-5,ha-dimethyl -2-methy lene-1-naphthaleny 1 J ethylidene )-dihydro-4-hydroxy-2(3h)-furanone, chemically diagrammed as [see patent] inhibits the synthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines, acti· vates the PPAR-gamma receptor and diminishes nuclear fac­tor kappa B. The compound is useful to treat auto-immune diseases, for organ and tissue transplantation, and to treat i.J.nmunodefi­ciency ( e.g., AIDS).
Patent Number: 8,084,495 B2 | Patent Date: 12/27/2011


Maqui Superberry
Maqui SuperBerry
Tongkat Ali
Tongkat Ali
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