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Huber Engineered Materials

United States

Huber Engineered Materials manufactures HuberCal® pure and natural calcium carbonate for food, nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical applications. HuberCal is available as a powder and in granulation form. HuberCal calcium carbonate products boast high calcium assays with very low elemental impurities. HuberCal is processed in Quincy, IL in a cGMP facility that is centrally located to service the United States. For nearly 20 years, HuberCal has been the trusted calcium carbonate source for branded as well as private label food, nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical products.


  • HuberCal® Pure and Natural Calcium Carbonate


  • Drug Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT)
  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
  • Nutrition Industry Association (NIA)
Joint Compound

Joint Compound

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HuberCal® Pure and Natural Calcium Carbonate

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ISO Registrations

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HuberCal® Calcium Carbonate Powder